Internet Resources for NZ home educators

This page is a starting point for home schoolers looking for resources on the Internet. At the time of listing each site, all seemed clear of objectionable material. However, pages change over time, and link to other pages. Please use your discretion – and let us know of any problems.

To help you find relevant material more easily, we have divided the list into categories. This is in many areas arbitrary. Some sites could fit in mutliple categories. Although we have classified some sites as “educational”, this doesn’t make other listings non-educational. Rather they tend to focus on traditional (school?) concepts of education.

As with the rest of this site, these lists are only as useful as you make them. We don’t have time to check every site on a regular basis, nor to continue searching out new sites. If you have any suggestions on how we could make this easier to use, or of truly great sites we really should list, or if you find sites that don’t work, please let us know.

Home education

New Zealand

NZ sites related to home education – personal and organisation sites, as well as professional and commercial sites which refer to home educators.


A sample of international sites about home education – resources and information, international issues and information, materials, special needs and unschooling.

New Zealand

Education & children

NZ sites relating to children and education – information and free sites and commercial and professional sites.


Other NZ sites of interest to home educators here and overseas – specialist reference sites, media sites, directories & gateways, news sites and government sites.

International sites

A selection of sites from around the world – directories & gateways, exploring the world, media sites, reference
sites, language & literature sites, math sites, education & learning sites, commercial learning resource sites and computing & Internet sites.

Other On-line Resources

There is more to the Internet than just websites. This page lists other on-line resources – mailing lists and chats.