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Directory / gateway sites

Kids Konnect

A children’s gateway to the Internet.


Exploring the world


Registration (free) required for access to cameras in African game reserves. Visiting these is like a lucky dip – there may be no animals there – or virtually any African animal.

Christian Answers

Christian answers to common questions.


San Francisco museum of science, art and human perception features on-line exhibits.

How far is it?

Calculates straight line distance between two cities around the world.

How Stuff Works!

Info on a vast array of technical matters.

How Things Work

Answers to an array of questions on how physics work in every day life.

Internet Accessible Machines

Great fun – telescopes, train sets, cameras, etc attached to the Internet.

Number and Word Puzzles

Just what it says.


Advice on keeping pets.


Astronomy site.

The Hungersite

Apparently a simple way to sponsor the hungry at no personal cost.

Visible Earth

NASA images of the earth.

Media sites

BBC On-line

Aunty’s home page – news, sport, entertainment, etc.

British Comedy Homepage

Classic comedy – including the Goons.

The Times(London)

The Times Newspaper on-line.


Reference sites

Britannica on-line

THE encyclopedia (and more) on-line – for a subscription.

Eric’s encyclopedias

An eclectic range of reference information – music, chemistry, etc.

OneLook® Dictionaries

You never need to update your real dictionaries again. Search hundreds of dictionaries on-line – use partial word forms, hear pronunciation, translate foreign words, etc.



The FREE and EDITABLE on-line encyclopedia. A tremendous example of technology allowing people to co-operate to produce a wealth of knowledge.


Aesop’s Fables

Classic and modern versions of these tales – uses Flash.

Award-winning children’s literature

Create a tailored reading list of quality children’s literature. Not totally American – but only award-winning books included – it even has links to two of New Zealand’s childrens book awards (the Esther Glen Award and the Russell Clark Award).

Boggle’s World

Boggle’s World is a resource site for teachers who teach elementary and middle school English, ESL and EFL to children.

Children’s books on-line

An on-line collection of free children’s books – including some in Maori.

Christian Logic

Includes a practical guide for home schoolers.

Fun with Words

Wordplay – anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, oxymora, mnemonics, etymology, word play, tongue twisters, cockney slang, nett lingua, etc.

Puzzle Choice

Crosswords, wordsearch, logics, quizzes, jigsaws, etc. Includes UK spelling option.

Word Central

Develop word skills.


Math Facts Now

Basic arithmetic drills.

Maths Help

Primary math – on-line flashcards, etc.

Natural Math

Interesting math site with enlightened views on learning.

Math exercises for kids

Some basic exercises for ages 6-11.

Education / Learning

Copernicus education gateway – major learning resource centre.

Education beyond schooling

Over 350 categories of free, first-rate, family-safe online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented websites.


Resources for junior students.

Enchanted Learning

Mainly for primary age – but also helpful for parents who never did learn particular subjects.

Free Education

Non-certified courses on the Net.

Free worksheets

Also unit studies, software, links, etc.

Fun & games for playful brains

Anagrams, crosswords, brainteasers, comic verse, computer art, conundrums, cryptic crosswords, doublets, family fun, fractal art, fractal music, humor, jigsaw puzzles, literary trivia, logic problems, mastermind, mathematical recreations, mazes, nonsense, number puzzles, paradoxes, picture puzzles, puns, quizzes, riddles, tom swifties, trivia, visual illusions, web guides, wordplay, word puzzles, wordsearches … and more.

Jarea Art Studio

Free art lessons on-line.

Learning Disabilities Resource Community

Includes information about learning disabilities, as well as an introduction to the eight styles of learning..

Marcia’s Lesson Links

Links to a wide range of lesson ideas.

RHL School

Free teaching resources including worksheets.

Special Needs Family Friendly Fun

Special needs families share their experiences and information, information on a variety of family friendly fun and helpful topics; easy access via rings and links to over 11,000 categorized websites relevant to special needs families.

World Atlas

Maps, flags, geography facts.

Commercial educational resources


Subscription-only learning site.

Literacy Unlimited

Sam Blumenfeld’s site introduces his AlphaPhonics programme and more.


Major educational publisher – area for children to explore on site.

Teaching Treasures

Australian teaching resources.

Computers, software and the Internet

Cascoly Software

Educational software from a professional who is also a home educator.

Copyright and the Net

Something more honoured in the breach than the observance – especially on the Internet. Of course NZ law is tighter.

Kids On-line – computing

Learn about the bits inside computers.

Owl and Mouse software

Alphabet and reading software.